Unseen Picture: Yet to be Seen 

May 7 , 2020 6 min read 1421 Views Likes 4 Comments
Unseen Picture: Yet to be Seen 

Through my opinion, I will try to show you the complete different scenario about “Education verses Job” where some “LITERATES” of our nation those have separate conception which I observed. Also, they hold divergent look towards “Qualified “and yes along with such “Dignity”.

Wait! Wait! Wait! No! Do not jump to any conclusion as matter hasn’t be revealed yet. As everyone knows what education provides us and blah! blah! blah!, It would be too boring for you if I will brief it. Drawing back to context, it has been quoted that “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. In short, education is key to gain handsome job in future.

Besides, the situations become more complicated when you are highly qualified but it does not matter at all but if you are not making any earnings that where the problem arises. In some educated families, people see you as ASSET .Gradually, if you started earning, believe me, you are getting excess respect, indeed. Here, you would be actually the boss among mob. Exaggerating more to point, the great income has most and most powerful impact on others especially those whom i am talking about. Only zeros of your salary makes your odd numbers to be even amongst society.

Probably, the question is what if person is capable enough but found no job or even he tried his best to seek job in his own field but toppled to grab it. The way I see, it is the pressure from their near ones who tormented young’s for being an irresponsible and in return he or she feels embarrassed or also be harassed if compared to another. I would advise that you yourself are the author of your life. Do not scourge yourself for such situations which are already not in your hands.


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