Unveiling your emotions

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Unveiling your emotions

Imagine walking on an empty street under the blue sky on a calm day. The cloud seem scattered and a few birds fly across the sky. The rays of sun are piercing through your eyes and a series of flashbacks appear before your eyes. You start to ponder over what has happened to you  and how you continue to veil your emotions from your peers and friends. You are often heartbroken but you continue to put them under wraps. You feel that expressing your emotions may indicate you as weak and flawed. You are scared of being mocked by people or laughed at for shedding a tear or two. 'How can a big girl like you cry?' is the phrase you detest to hear the most. You want to get away with the world. You don't want people to corner you out or look down upon you in your friend circle. 

Sometimes, you just wish you could provide an outlet to your thoughts and have an inrush of fresh air to divert your thoughts from all the toxic thoughts and stagnating sorrows. You feel hurt at times, you cry next and after that you start underestimating yourself. If only you could express it to someone close to you who would hear you with an open heart and a listening ear- How relieving would it be for you....How you wish you had someone too who could hear you and wipe your tears each time you shed them.

For all the people out there who have been hoarding their feelings and hiding their emotions. Worry not! Your family is the supporting pillar that can help you waddle through mushy waters. All you need to do is fix that fragile bond, hold it tight and try to make things better. Once you start improving things from your side, other people will come close to you, understand you and help you fix your problems. You were never born alone, freed these thoughts from your mind.

It's totally normal to feel sad, depressed or lonely at times but that doesn't mean you are the only one experiencing it. Provide an outlet to your emotions and you will find things grow better with passing time,

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