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On this planet, every human being has a value, but in most cases, we ourselves lose our self-worth .self esteem is the key to stay happy and positive. Here are some of the positive tips that will increase your self-worth.

Positive Impact:---- smile every day. It will make you happy and positive.

Take time to acknowledge personal accomplishments and celebrate your success.

Practice self-help methods. For example, writing a diary /journal, being passionate about the work that you do daily, doing social work.

Daily eat healthy food, and if possible become more physical activities like walking, jogging or doing yoga a couple of days in a week.

Listen to music for at least a couple of minutes a day. It soothes one nerve and one tends to relax.

Figure out the fun quotient of the day.

Negative Impact:- Avoid procrastination and stop being perfectionist. 

Control your anger, stress and anxiety.

Overcome boredom.

 Avoid addictions of alcohol, drugs, gambling etc. 

However, even if you are feeling sad than practise ATTITUDE FOR GRATITUDE. Start doing these things and you will see changes in your self.


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