Version 2.0 - Audience Version

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Version 2.0 - Audience Version

A Rajinikanth-Shankar-ARR combo, stunning art direction, artistic photography, remarkable visual effects and liberal richness in the making - Rajni fans can’t ask for more.

2.0 became a bucket list item for millions of Indians. On the day of release, ardent fans rose before the roosters to catch the First Day First Show (FDFS) fever.

To make 2.0 a spectacular success, Shankar was on top of his responsibility pyramid. And he seems to have achieved that. The movie has grossed over 400 crores in the first 4 days and still counting. But did he really make the audience “thoroughly” happy?

Even hardcore Rajini fans feel Shankar could have worked more on the usual Rajini elements such as comedy, direct action, punch dialogues, impressive storyline, impeccable screenplay, and signature Rajini songs. Many felt that the movie’s premise is too weak to consider the villain a typical villain because, he was, after all, a nice, bird-loving gentleman. He should have been pacified and brought to peace through hero’s strategic moves rather than mutilating him. A man with noble thought, who had a great message for the world was brutally killed. Very sad!

Also, the reemergence of the villain did not feel substantiated. Who is he – a spirit or reincarnation or just an illogical reentry nobody should question?

"Kutti, the 3.0 ", the introduction was a little unexpected but refreshing. The histrionics and funny dialogue delivery of Kutti did enthuse audience. But many could not digest Kutti pretending to twist a pigeon’s neck to silence the villain; a bizarre act a hero like Rajini should not do. Shankar could have thought better.

The savage look of the gigantic bird, the intimidating makeup of Akshay Kumar with wide-span wings, and aggregation of 3.0s into a giant Rajini were spellbound-worthy for the audience. The visual experience in the 3D format on a big screen was super enjoyable.

Finally, the biggest, logical question – Is that really the end of the villain? why can’t we expect him, with all his aura and energy, reemerge, once again? Maybe a 4.0 in the offing?

Even though Rajini fans will watch 2.0 multiple times just for the “Rajini” factor, inside them, their parched hearts due to Rajini’s earlier lacklustre films, must apparently be craving more.

I could hear the sound of festive preparations from my neighbourhood "Petta".


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