Waiting is the toughest!

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Waiting is the toughest!

A 19-year-old had an all over the world writing competition to which he got rejected because of some minor reasons. Another 21-year lad had an internship shortlist assignment topic given which gave assurance that he had been hired, they send the offer letter too and then after 2 articles all went like boom, when they said: “Sorry the higher designation didn’t select you.” There was a placement interview to which another person got rejected maybe due to his lack of communication skills. So, guys you see “REJECTION IS THE HARDEST  PART OF LIFE”, but do you know which is harder than that?? It’s the ‘WAIT’. This “WAIT” sucks out your entire body, makes a juice out of it and drinks while enjoying it happily. 

Whether it be your job you want to apply to, a good college you need to get into or a broken relationship you want to stick back to, waiting has its roots everywhere. The hardest part of waiting is not knowing whether you’ll get it or not. When the results are unknown it becomes really worse. You from your side have been doing a lot to achieve everything, with failures wooing you every now and then, and with this consistency of failures in your way, it becomes a lot harder to ‘wait’. Waiting if continues for a long is probably the evilest friend of us. It can literally take out your built confidence, the ray of hope which existed within you and the positivity you had within. Why do we wait then? Stupid it sounds right? You might think how dumb this writer is to make us believe to not wait for anything. While in reality peep deep within yourself and ask yourself how much time have you wasted waiting? Is it really necessary to wait now? Waiting to let things fall back in place, waiting for you’re an old friendship to be tied back, and waiting for the time when things will be in your control?? Guys, it ain't getting ever, you can’t go on waiting without knowing the outcome. And if you have waited for a long for something, reanalyze your work. Is it what you expect it to be? 

Waiting has never always been wrong. ‘Wait for your time too will come’, is a common thing we all hear a lot. But knowing when to stop the wait is a must else you’ll keep on waiting for a long and all the good opportunities will then be gone because of your wait for something which didn’t require this much wait of yours. Explore different ways for reaching what you wanted, something that will energize you again to do it with full zeal. The longer the wait, the more boring your way to what you want will get.  Look for ways to end the wait, and if you are not able to do that then it’s probably the time to stop the wait to start afresh. There are countless opportunities for you, you just need to find them.


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