Ways and means to prevent suicide

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Ways and means to prevent suicide

Suicide is becoming increasingly common in our present world. So we can’t underestimate the probability that our beloved ones can fall prey to it in the days to come. It is already a high time to have a serious talk about this tendency which is very much prevalent in the young generation.

The reasons are many. From a silly issue to the most complex problem that anyone can ever get. That is the actual range of complexity!!! The bitter truth is that the problems are integral to life and hence nearly impossible to avoid it completely. It is not a cakewalk to considerably decrease the rate at which it happens currently. It requires assiduous effort to be made to bring it down.

Considering the fact that anything can be a reason & all reasons can’t be avoided altogether, the only option left is to to make the people mentally strong so that they will tackle every single problem. It involves diligent effort. I am more of the opinion that the exercises to make the people strong-minded should be happening in institutionalised frameworks. Schools and Workplaces are the ideal options to start with.

What is to be taught is again not a very easy thing. But there are numerous relevant researches happened in this direction. It should be referred and a framework should be made for the same. It will be quite possible to pass on the same with an efficient psychologist.

Apart from the formal ways of strengthening the human mind, it is of paramount importance to be with the person in distress and help him to come out of the issue. It can be achieved only by means of friends. Friends should be capable enough to influence, interfere and solve the prevailing issues of the minds. It is the responsibility for every single friend.

Things are going to be more complex when people are preferring to lead a reclusive life. Ever since the era of internet & other electronic devices, people are strictly confined to their own room. Their interactions are mostly with non-living computers/mobiles/TVs. Finding time to spend with friends and engage in outside activities will be highly indispensable to relieve the pressure accumulated.

And Last but not least, Try to find a positivity amidst every burning issues.


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