We Need To Educate Men

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We Need To Educate Men

Are you a man who is constantly on a lookout for his behavior as the feminists made you be on edge all the time? Do you feel uncomfortable around women in public transport in fear of being slapped? Do you believe that your idols who have been called rapists are victims that are targetted for their fame and money? 

If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, I am so sorry for you. You have been diagnosed as a badly raised pompus crybaby lacking the emotional skill set to be a decent human being. 

If you're a woman or non conformer, the bias between genders has become apparent to you growing up. You may have been lauded as being the more mature, the more understanding one, and thus the one who is able to make compromises. The power shifts in childhood- when you are asked and expected to compromise because of someone else's stubborness and immaturity. 

Women are automatically safe when the tools of opression are taken away

Truth is, we have never held boys accountable for their actions- they have locked in the misogny and being denied something from the other end makes them lash out, for this is not what they were taught. 

Thus it comes as no shock to see a man being put on a pedestal (even by women) for having a basic understanding of power dynamics. 

Men who have locked in their misogynist traits- the apologists, non believers, men who protect accusers, have formed their view of the world long ago, they are oblivious to the arguments raised by women and lack the depth to see the problem objectively. 

They are last diwali's repackaged gift and their concern for 'the other sex' are the stale dry fruits inside it. 
Curfews are the stunted kishmish, decency is the shelled pistachio, and the lack of free will is the blackened mishri. 

Instead of seeing the shortcomings at their end of the rope, they will always accuse your box.

Women and other opressed groups become aware of these structures because they lack the privilege not to be. They have no other option. The only section who gets away comprises of the opressers themselves- and the easiest way to  dismantle power is by educating opressers and not by protecting opressed. 

Women are automatically safe when the instruments of opression are taken away. 
The means to take these tools away lies with the ones who possess them too. 
If putting one man on a pedestal for being woke results in a chain of boys wanting to live up to that, so be it. We need to accept that educating boys is the need rather than protecting girls. 


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