What is the true meaning of Love?

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Riya Samuel
Riya Samuel
Mar 19 , 2019 7 min read 1879 Views Likes 0 Comments
What is the true meaning of Love?

LOVE- this four-letter word has been given different definitions through the different set of people. Today I would like to express my opinion on this magical feeling which has both made and broken many. Love for me is far away from the illusionary and romantic concept that most of us are used to. For me, Love is a blissful feeling to be around either a living being or an object which given me immense pleasure and for a while takes away the restlessness and pain of mine Love for me is the reciprocal of this precious feeling from my side through my care which ultimately leads to an unbreakable bond which has no limits of distance.

Love for two soulmates is no different from the love for a mother towards her child, the love between brother and sister and love between father and son for me. It is the same feeling which
finds its way with a different set of people bound in a different set of relations. Love knows no bounds. If you will ask me whether it is important to get married if you are in love then I would say no because even that is so short a bond for two beings who are in love. It simply means as if you are curtailing the strength of the bond. The bond which loves makes between two
things/individuals can’t be defined by any relation, whether the presence of that thing/individual is there or not love is meant to grow with each passing day.

On the next question- “Can love happen twice?” I would say definitely Yes, but the intensity will differ. This is the beauty of Love that you can never measure that intensity you can just feel it. And if you will feel that closely you will never find two the same. So though, Love can happen twice but it would always give you a different flavour each time. Age, religion, caste, creed- this feeling is unaware of all this. It is meant to make you realize that it is eternal far away from the current system that we live in. This is the reason that very few dare to even feel it once their lives because they feel it too risky to take such a venture. Some do get on the same but because of not being able to realise its vital importance lose it soon. And only very few actually, get to know how lovely and Godly this feeling it.


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