What #metoo has to do with the upbringing?

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What #metoo has to do with the upbringing?

#metoo is not just a movement.

Emotions that are suppressed for a long time are now coming up and going viral!

Emotions, the anger, the guilt, the fear… they are exploding everywhere just because one woman dared to speak about it and half of the world (all women) is speaking up about their experiences!

Is there an end to it? Can we do something to stop this? Can society be more sensitive towards women? How many generations will it take to change this ugly picture?

I think it will change only when we make our sons understand right from the childhood that this is women’s world too… and it’s not a privilege to be a man, it’s just a gender. Men and women have complementary roles in the world, without the existence of other, one can not exist.

Sexually assault is not just about a woman, it’s about the man who doesn’t understand the meaning of being Human. It’s about a male child who hasn’t received lessons properly in childhood or the one who has forgotten the lessons he learned in the childhood or the one who has no respect for his mother. It’s about a person who is selfish enough to let go his roots seeking short-term pleasure and calling it ‘being cool’ or ‘enjoying life’! It’s the time to change this sick mentality.

It’s a high time for a mother to slap her son when he throws ‘I am the Man’attitude and his sister is asked to shut up in the childhood and later his wife is asked to perform ‘women’s jobs’ at home.

It’s about changing the attitude… it’s about changing the generation… and it has to start at Home!


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