What should be avoided after a terror attack?

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Feb 20 , 2019 8 min read 1739 Views Likes 0 Comments
What should be avoided after a terror attack?

Recently the Phulwama attack plunged all of us in great sorrow and grief. Indeed, it was an unfortunate event which is highly condemnable. It's sad that we cannot change the narrative yet there are certain things in our hands which we can take care in order to ensure that the present situation doesn't worsen much.

First of all, the intensity of our anger and the way we react both offline and online should be monitored. There is a lot of anger in all of us. This is absolutely obvious but here it also becomes crucial to understand that our anger should not welcome some other unnecessary situations.  The way we react on social media holds utmost importance as today it plays an important role not only as a source of entertainment but also for spreading fake news and hatred. We should take immense care of our choice of words and the kind of post we share. Everyone has the right to speech, no doubt but that doesn't mean that in the heat of the hour you go on saying something which goes against the integrity of the nation. Offline too we should take care that no one is hurt emotionally or physically by our actions and words.

Secondly, it's obvious that all of us have a strong feeling of retaliation and we all want to take revenge for the sacrifice of our brave martyrs but at the same time, we should also patiently trust the central authority and Indian army to take the right step at the right time. Call for war is easy from the comforts of our homes but we should understand that the soldiers are also not machines which will attack the enemy just on our call. They also have families after them. At this hour I believe rather than directing them we should trust them that they are the right person who knows very well how to fight with this situation. We should give confidence to them that each of us stands beside them in this hour.

Thirdly, politicising the issue at this time will not at all serve the purpose. It is the need of the hour that we should stand together. This is the issue of the entire country. This is not the time where we should start blaming the political parties or involve into any such other activities.

In this hour of grief, each one of us should realise that the loss is of the entire nation and if we take any such step which makes the condition more abominable then that would be really inappropriate. We should use our freedom properly because what sounds comes out of the flute depends on how we play it!!


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