What should be our election motive?

Feb 26 , 2019 9 min read 1408 Views Likes 0 Comments
What should be our election motive?

The Lok Sabha elections of 2019 are approaching and as an active citizen, it is all of our duty to have our minds clear with what should be our demands so that the politicians know that what the public wants of them.

Our country has immense potential and power. None can deny the fact. As the fastest growing economy and emerging as a global political giant we have the ability to bypass many circumstances which unfortunately other countries sometimes cannot afford.

At the same time, we cannot deny the fact that even after such a great pace of growth. Even today India is surrounded by so many social evils and it is quite unfortunate that even today we have not been able to bring 100% literacy or 100% elimination of hunger.

In a democratic country like India, Major power lies with the people-elected government. It is very important that our concern reach the elected representatives and are reflected in the parties’ manifestos.

To a great extent, I believe that there is not enough political will in the parties of India. More than the spirit of serving the people they have the greed for coming back to power. None amongst today’s parties seems to me to be different from the crowd. But even we are not left with any options available and will have to choose at least the less evil one.

But how would we select that? What should we have in our minds before exercising our precious vote? Cast and religious sentiments? Or should we go after what our forefathers have been going for?

Cm’on you are 18+ now think for yourself!! Be brave enough to make your own choice. Think about what can make our country better than what it is today. Definitely, it would be better education, healthcare, infrastructure and employment opportunities.  Think beyond your own interest. People are dying because they cannot afford costly medication. Many children don’t get access to quality education. A plethora of people are unemployed and have no option to earn a good livelihood to support their families.

Thus education, healthcare, infrastructure and employment generation should be the main demands of a citizen from my perspective.

I am really amazed when I see people fighting for mandir-masjid issues as their election motto or giving a preference to a party based on religious or community issues. I mean, what narrow-minded thinking is this!? Will building a temple feed the number of poor dying out of hunger? Or will it safeguard the interest of our soldiers who are sacrificing their lives for us!

I do respect everyone’s sentiments but don’t let those sentiments overpower your rational mentality. Think from another perspective maybe you would find my point a bit sensible.

Thanks to our constitution that today people have the biggest power! The fate of our country rests on us! Thus make sure to make a clever choice this time!!