Where is Truth in Politics?

Oct 5 , 2018 11 min read 6283 Views Likes 3 Comments
Where is Truth in Politics?

I just gave my opinion on Opined about who will win in 2019 elections. But there are lots of weird thoughts that come to my mind during the writing of that opinion. So I need to write or discuss those points here.

First of all thanks to the Opined team to give such platform to express our opinion in the very different way in public or in today's social media-driven society.

Now let me come to the point about elections 2019. I do not know who will win in the next election, but my confusion is how can we decide, keep trust or believe in previous government or current government?? As each and every party is playing blame game openly, whether it's BJP or Congress. Nobody is ready to accept the truth, their weakness or failures openly in media or in public.

Naturally, they will not accept their failures in public. So for normal people, it's very difficult to evaluate the right people to vote for based on who will work for the public and not for particular parties or people. Nowadays in social media, we come across lots of news, opinions, and scams about previous governments and the current government. But who knows that the news or scams which get viral are true or just propaganda, who will tell us the truth? Who will guide normal public who has zero knowledge about the government and politics? Let me start with a simple example. I have been part lots of WhatsApp groups, like any other person nowadays, Facebook network and of course Twitter. There are so many posts and activities happening on these social media that, frankly, my opinion changes almost daily about the current government and the previous government.

Let's take another example to strengthen my point. In the previous election, we were convinced by opposition parties that ruling government has done lots of scams and was a big failure and if they will win, they will take action against all responsible person involved in the 2G scam or coal spectrum scam etc. What is the result? After all these years of current government, is there any progress? All that we know is everyone involved is probably free and even in some cases, it was proven that scam was not done at all!!! Don't get me wrong here. It is not just about promises made in the previous election. This is the case almost in every election where the contendents try to prove the ruling party as the fraud. In 2019, probably the role will be reversed but the results will be the same if we follow the trends (which I personally wish will not be the case).

So, who will tell us the truth about the previous government or the current government's successes and failures, Where is our media as the ideal answer to the question is "Media". Media can and should tell the public what is right and what is wrong. But unfortunately, we are helpless although having lots of resources such as media, social media, some NGO's, RTI activists. Either all resources are driven by the current government or by the oppositions. 

In the current scenario, can normal people will ever get the clear picture to decide whether the previous government was right or current government??? The big question is whom to choose in the next election. I am sure, there are many still confused, undecided, or dragged by biased or fake media. Please write your opinions in the comment under this article or on #IndianElection2019 to help other people to see the real common men's opinions. People deserve to know the opinions of common men and expose our bais and sold out media.

Thanks. Let's create a way of common men. Because, I believe, the only truth in politics is the one spoken by common men and not by media or PR people.