Why AYUSH Ministry must allow CORONIL to come in Market.

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Why AYUSH Ministry must allow CORONIL to come in Market.

Ever since the Ayurvedic giant Patanjali's chairperson announced of an Ayurvedic Drug to cure COVID19, all of us have been waiting for it. Finally, after a long wait, an Ayurvedic Medicine named "CORONIL" was launched on last Tuesday (23rd of June) claiming that it cures COVID19. The common people like us have been waiting eagerly for it but, turned out some other people have been waiting for it as well (But, not in the same sense, of course).

During this press conference, the Founder of Patanjali, Baba Ramdev claimed that, they have been working on the cure of COVID19 ever since last December and that this Medicine they manufactured in collaboration with NIMS(National Institute of Medical Sciences) and claimed that this medicine of theirs has shown 100% recovery rate (on the basis of a clinical trial) and his friends from NIMS claimed the same.

The interesting turn of events took place when the Ministry of AYUSH warned Patanjali to not advertise this product and to not to go into the market with it. They(Ministry) put a stop on the whole process saying that "They asked for a licence for immunity booster, not for a cure." That was okay until various FIRs have been registered against Patanjali's founder under section 420. It seems like this is the whole nexus to undermine the Ayurveda.

One of the so-called Scientist even went on saying that, The mortality rate is already around 3% so what do we need CORONIL for. According to that, why do we need any cure or, vaccine?

Why is banning CORONIL fishy?

1) It's the first-ever cure Ayurvedic Medicine for any disease and if it turns out to be successful then, the Allopathic Medicine will lose a huge Market.

2) Big Indian pharma companies like CIPLA and Hetero Pharma launched the generic Remdesivir drugs production late Sunday, after signing the deal with the US-based patent-holder Gilead Sciences so, they will lose crores if CORONIL cure works.

3) The budget of Ayurveda is negligible on comparing with Allopathy so, Allopathy will lose a huge budget if CORONIL turns out to be successful.

4) Ayurveda Medicines have no side effects like Allopathic Medicines so there is no point on banning CORONIL because either it works or it doesn't. It won't have any side effects anyway.

5) CORONIL is a cheap treatment that anyone can afford unlike the big hospital bills in lakhs.

So, at last, I just want to say that Government of India must allow CORONIL to come in the market for common people. People have faith in thousands of years old AYURVEDA and if this cure works the poor people won't lose their loved ones due to lack of money. Not everyone can pay lakhs of Rupees in Hospital treatment.

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