Subhash Jha
Subhash Jha
Aug 15 , 2018 6 min read 1873 Views Likes 2 Comments

I was 16–17 years old, my father was contesting an election for village headman.

[If you were sleeping in your Social Science classes, then let me remind you a concept of Civics, suppose Village is your Classroom and Village-Headman is a post, similar to Class-Monitor, where every student has the right to get elected.]

One day, I was with my father and an uncle from opponent group abused my father for some random thing. My father didn’t react but that Abusive-Uncle tried his best to offend my father.

Someone was abusing my father, that is not acceptable for any son in this world. I grabbed a stone which was lying on the road and you can speculate what I did with that stone. He was bleeding, I had an evil smile on my face.

That evil smile vanished within 5–10 seconds because my father rewarded me with 2–3 slaps for that awesome stunt.

The same night a meaningful conversation happened with my father,

Me: Why you slapped me, Papa, you know what I did was commendable. He was abusing you.

Papa: Commendable? Seriously? That was sheer stupidity. Thank God! I was there, otherwise, they would have beaten you black and blue.

Me: I think you are afraid of him. That’s why you were silent.

Papa: Subhash, I have you and your sisters to raise. Suppose I got indulged in that fight. What If that fight turned into a major fight.

Do you know what would happen after that?

A police case or something even worse.

Imagine your life without your father.

I have everything at stake. My business, prestige, family etc. But that guy has nothing to lose.

So, I was everything but not afraid.

 Still curious?

Why is India afraid of Pakistan?

India has [29 States + 7 Union Territories] kids to raise, dreams to achieve, a solid reputation to maintain etc. That’s why India ignores some random abuses from that abusive guy who has literally nothing to lose.

Is India afraid? Hell No.

Careful? Indeed.