Why Indian Media needs a transformation!

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Why Indian Media needs a transformation!

Media is the fourth pillar of our nation after legislative, executive and judiciary. Its role in the building of the nation is truly immense but the harsh truth is that these days the abominable level to which the quality of the Indian media has been deteriorated is really a matter of great concern.

Media serves as the greatest tool to keep people aware of the national and international happenings. It is quite unfortunate that the Indian media in my view has failed to live up to the standards. The recent ranking of India in the Global Press freedom index fell to 138 which has really welcomed immense shame to the largest democracy.

Why this should bring worry for each one of us is because of the fact that people sitting at the homes, coffee shops and other public places have no other way than news channels to hear the news and build perspective. Obviously, there are newspapers still I guess media plays a greater role. Nowadays the trend of Indian media has been shifted from important issues to really trivial and unnecessary ones like too much of political ones, news relating to film industries, bogus mysteries from here and there etc. The real issues of the nation like education, health, infrastructure etc. have lost their places and now the voices of the citizens are being curbed.

The level of rising communalism we see today and the religious intolerance which our country is witnessing at such a large pace is much because of the media itself. The Hindu- Muslim controversies etc. are solely responsible for much of the division that our nation is witnessing today.

Recently a stand- up comedian came with an innovative video to show how media has failed to show important issues like the Meghalaya one where the miners are trapped from almost one month while it remains more interested in the Mandir-Masjid issue.

People are also no less to be blamed for this. In a democracy like India much what the media institutions show depends on our interest! These people show such kind of issues because they know that their channels will gain more TRP by these that means that even we are failing as citizens and thus even media is not solely responsible.

The recently done sting operation by cobra post really blown my mind. The way the corrupt nature and dual-faced were caught red-handed really amazed me. The irony is that no news channel covered this news! On being broadcasted on the foreign news channels this brought great shame to our media institutions.

It is high time our Indian media shift its attention from meaningless topics to really vital issues because a lot of what perspective people build depends on what the media channel shows.


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