Why is Rahul Gandhi, President of Indian National Congress, crucial for the betterment of India?

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Why is Rahul Gandhi, President of Indian National Congress, crucial for the betterment of India?

When England and Australia whitewashed India 4-0 on the respective tours in the 2011-12 season, all the experts, fans and even some of the team members wanted MS Dhoni to relinquish test captaincy. He was fairly criticised for bizarre tactics and defensive captaincy. 

However, MS continued to lead the team in white colours, until Virat Kohli became matured enough to take over the captaincy. Once Dhoni realised Virat’s ability, he happily passed on the baton to his successor.

Rahul Gandhi is in a similar state right now. Under his leadership, Congress party has been reduced to 52 seats in the General elections 2019.

Barring the state assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Punjab, where the party secured a win and formed the Government, it’s been an otherwise disappointing period for the oldest political party of India.

Taking up the sole responsibility for the defeat in General Elections 2019, Rahul Gandhi is adamant about resigning from the Indian National Congress’ President Post. Majority of people even want him to quit politics and settle abroad since he hasn’t registered any significant success so far.

However, if Rahul Gandhi sincerely wishes to bring Congress party back on track and wants betterment of India, he will have to stay and continue as the President, much like MS Dhoni stayed strong during the 2011-14 period.

Don’t get me wrong; I am a die-hard Modi follower. On 23rd May when India was celebrating Modi’s return to power, I was glued to the TV all day. It even made me emotional.

Yet, I urge Rahul Gandhi not to resign from the President’s post – because the party needs him, the country needs him, the future of India needs him.

Competent opposition keeps the Government on its toes

By giving a decisive mandate to Narendra Modi, Electorates have rejected chances of coalition outrightly. However, we can’t afford to see democracy convert into “One Party State”. An incompetent opposition will pose a danger to democratic status.

Rahul Gandhi’s recent tweet, “The BJP will have no walkover in the Parliament” resumes my trust into a stable democracy.

Although Congress doesn’t have the adequate number of seats to claim the position of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, yet it is the largest opposition party having a nation-wide presence.

If the leader resigns in between, it will further deteriorate the confidence of an already timid opposition.   

So, as Narendra Modi commands India towards a developed, prosperous and impactful nation, Rahul Gandhi should remain at the forefront to appreciate him for remarkable governance and question him on critical issues and policies. 

Time for a structural turnaround

Instead of resigning, Rahul Gandhi should lead the party from the front and spearhead the structural transformation. Congress Working Committee (CWC) which requested Rahul not to surrender, itself comprises of over-aged members who have been its part since Sonia Gandhi’s era.

It is also a golden opportunity for him to transfer the decision-making power from old hands to the young, energetic guns like Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia. The old, experienced members can still guide the young blood. However, they shouldn’t be a part of any crucial decision-making meeting, because the dynamics have changed, faster then they can realise.

What do you think of Rahul Gandhi’s stubbornness in resigning from the President’s post? Does he really want to end nepotism from the party or is it merely a publicity stunt? Fill the comment section with your thoughts and viewpoints.


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