Why social entrepreneurship is the need of the situation?

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Why social entrepreneurship is the need of the situation?

India is a pool of talent especially youth talent. Several initiatives like Start-Up India etc have leveraged the skills of many young entrepreneurs to employ their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the society by beginning a social startup. In a country like India where the country's GDP is accelerating when the global GDP is deaccelerating, we are definitely doing a commendable job as far as the economic development is concerned. But the unfortunate fact is that the fruits of development have not reached to all. The pathetic sight of beggars engraved in poverty, of victims of social evils, of malnutrition and uneducated children, are still plaguing the Indian society. Thus it becomes really crucial for the future entrepreneurs to dwell a bit into social enterprises and pledge to create a difference with a little effort of theirs.

When it comes to social enterprises mobilizing the funds actually is difficult than that of profit-making businesses. Moreover, the return of investment is not much. This is the primary reason why we see so fewer people going for social entrepreneurship. It takes much more effort to think of making such investment as a revenue collection of max that much which can help to sustain the initiative can only be thought of least in the beginning. Many such startups, therefore, chose the path of crowdfunding etc. for paving way for the funding.

Even after the hurdles, many successful startups have not only thought of engaging in the same but also are doing really well. Whether it be in education, healthcare, safety, employment etc. some startups are using their full potential to help their countrymen through their skills and knowledge. Now the time has come when more people like them can take up this legacy forward.

Though India has immense potential somewhere it lacks the political will to a great extent. Politicians are more into how to maximise their own profits and mislead the public so that they can again come to power. Thanks to NGOs and social startups who are much away from this political ideology and are helping their countrymen to come at par with the others and imposing the true meaning of equality in some sense.

Lal10 is one such social startup which is helping the rural artisans to connect with the global market and providing them with a source of livelihood to live a life of dignity. Many social startups focusing on agriculture are coming forward to help the farmers of the nations. The Better India and The Logical Indian are remarkably bringing a revolution in the Indian media. Thus we see that such startups are successfully building a favourable ecosystem where a positive environment is created in the country and many are being able to live a better life.

Profit-making startups are equally important but we are far more ahead in economic development now the time has come that we all focus more on how to ensure that the benefit of this reaches to each citizen. Therefore the need of the hour is to encourage the spirit of social entrepreneurship to help the needy and build a better India.


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