Why suicide is not a solution..

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iman shakeel
Iman shakeel
Jun 17 , 2020 6 min read 232 Views Likes 0 Comments
Why suicide is not a solution..

You may be dejected and upset. The day vision may seem hazy while the nights may seem blurry. Your hard work may seem like it's evaporating and that you are doomed. You feel devastated and hopeless. The fortune may not seem to be favoring you..You are lost..all alone in the midst of a rocky roads and turbulent storms. Moving ahead chills your bone while looking back scares you. You  feel a boiling pit at the bottom of your stomach and sleepless nights may have interrupted your peace and harmony. You feel low and doomed. All you need is a pillar of support to stand by who can comfort you and heal you. It could be anyone...Your friend, a near or dear one or even your parents. But at the heat of the moment when you have just two options: TRY or DIE. The latter might seem easier and complete. A lot of our youth with ambitions are swept to the face of death because they no longer find themselves confident enough to face the hurdles life tests them with. Death by suicide can never be the solution. You are not the only one to encounter challenges. What we all don't realize is that we are all sailing on a boat in the midst of an ocean that has no shores and the horizon seems invisible. We are all lost, looking for inspiration from one another. Every human being on this planet carries his own sac of worries. Some people choose to share their sorrows with others while others heal their wounds in silence beneath their self-healing. In turmoil, never feel hesitant to ask for a helping hand or for support, no matter who it could be. People will always be there to stand by you, understand your sorrows and help you heal through.

Life is beautiful..Try to discard away the thorns and instead look for the bed of roses. And if ever, life tests you with challenges, indulge in a cause better than the what is causing you hurt. You feel find yourself happier and more jovial than before. Good luck with the world ahead.


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