Winning over battle in your mind

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Guneet kaur
Guneet kaur
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Winning over battle in your mind

Where are you running 24/7???

Have you ever slowed down to pay attention to what is going on in your mind?

What are you hearing?
What are you thinking?
What are you believing?

Various Ideas, words, thoughts and  philosophies are being captured in our mind on a daily basis. We are always going and going and going and never asking where.
It is human nature. We are never satisfied.
If we have a little, we want more.
If we have a lot, we still want more.
Once we have more, we wish we could be happy with little and it goes on..... We are struggling constantly to get ahead in the Rat Race. But always remember that," Even when you win the Rat Race, You are still a Rat."

I call it the "age of terror". The terror which repeatedly occupy our mind with the negative thoughts like meeting with the accident while driving on the road, getting suffered from Cancer, failing in the exam and many more.. We donot accept the fact that everything happens for a reason. The reason which might be invisible at the present but would have carried something for your well being.

Remember those days when you were a child-full of life, energy, homour and love. Now,stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. How beautiful are you! You have 75% of everything that others don't have and you will loose this 75%, thinking of the 25% that you donot have. Always think of multiplying your happiness, dividing your pain and sorrows, adding colours to your life and substracting negativity out of your mind.
The day you'll start following it, you'll be more confident in what you think, what you want to do, what's your purpose and everything that is a part of you in one or another way.

"Our Mind is like a foil paper, it will bend in a direction we will mold it and I know only two directions of mind- Passion and Poison!"
We all know about GIGO(Garbage In and Garbage Out) which means quality of output is determined by the quality of input. Similarly, if you think negative, you will get negative results. On the other hand, if you think positive and really want something,all the universe conspires in helping you to make it happen.

We all know that nothing happens overnight, similarly, you won't get what you desire overnight, you certainly won’t change anything overnight. However, any effort you spend on reversing the way you think is going to result in an IMMEDIATE change in your life experience. The advantage to this is that you will produce new fruits of self-control, emotional stability, peace, and enjoy the feeling that goes with it, and a good feeling is addictive.

 Don't let negativism become your identity and 'positive life' a fear for you.
Welcome changes no matter good or bad,
Enjoy every moment of your life,
Learn from everything that happens around you,
 Discover the best version of you,
And never die before your actual death.


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