Wishing to create next Bansals-like partnership with your co-founder? It isn’t as easy as it looks!

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Wishing to create next Bansals-like partnership with your co-founder? It isn’t as easy as it looks!

“Oh, when you have a co-founder to divide your headaches and multiply your strengths, you are less stressed. Doing a startup with a co-founder becomes a cakewalk.”

Have you ever gone to a restaurant with your friend or acquaintance? Ordering dishes is a daunting task because everyone has their own choice.

Now imagine, how difficult would it be to run a startup with a co-founder then, where every co-founder has a different mindset, approach, goals and life journey. 

"Two is better than one, three is better than two!" More the people, better it is for a start-up.

True, but the dark realities behind the merry success of a start-up aren’t very pleasing to know. To mention a few, there are disagreements between the co-founders, mismanagement of funds, and ineffective output by the people altogether and the list goes on.

Beginning a startup is like the commencement of a romantic relationship – everything looks fine and blissful. However, as time passes by, clashes and misunderstandings sneak in.

At that time, those who act maturely, sit together and clear the misunderstandings. These startup owners flourish together and go on to become the Bansals and Steves and create brands like Apple, Twitter and Flipkart.

However, it is easier said than done. Not every time do the founders are on the same boat and have the same vision for the start-up to flourish in the long run.

Having fall-out is an integral part of growth and is inevitable. However, the fall-out should be temporary between the founders so the start-up doesn't tremble.
You can’t expect a longer peaceful environment so long as humans are working together towards a goal. Numerous conflicts must have arisen between Sachin and Binny Bansal as well,  but they overcame it together and mended the professional relationship to create the e-commerce Giant Flipkart.

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There have been gazillion emerging start-ups and millions of founders and co-founders who have had their share of conflicts but professional interest was always kept above.

The ones who are unable to maintain a balanced relationship with their co-founders are the ones at loss and the start-ups cannot function amidst all this.

Start-ups are not easy to run with conflicts arising and low loyalty. Trust and faith in one another are equally important in making sure that the start-up doesn't fall-out due to personal disinterests.

Today, as the wannapreneurs and early-age entrepreneurs eagerly look for a co-founder in their friends, cousins, love partners, classmates or colleagues, it is crucial to understand that the startup thing becomes a lot more difficult with a co-founder unless you both treat each other fairly.

Trust, understanding, gratitude and tremendous coordination are required for a partnership to work well and grow the business together.

Have you found your co-founder yet? Do you have an inspiring story or a dreadful experience to share about your partnership with the co-founder?

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