Would You Travel Solo to Ireland ??

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Divya FS
Divya FS
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Would You Travel Solo to Ireland ??

Ultimate road trip for girls- Ireland

Land of Dance, Sing and Joy! 

Ok, I admit that I didn’t think of any other place but Dublin when I heard someone say Ireland. I think being honest here is the way to go 😛 My road trip around ireland, not just opened my visionary senses but also made a huge block of joy in my head, that I would never forget. 

This trip was planned according to our availability, so this isn’t an ideal ireland driving itinerary you would be looking at, but of course, we had fun doing trip so you might do the same 😀 

I directly didn’t fly to Ireland, I first flew to London to spend some days there before I could visit Ireland. London is beautiful as always and I can never get enough of that place. I discovered a very interesting cafe that actually inspires me when I was in London, and I will soon share everything about it. 

Ireland was my first ever solo trip, and I was feeling all the jitters that one should have before flying out solo. So that’s typical me! I flew out from London to Dublin, and then took a connecting flight to Kerry County. I went straight to Killarney because I was attending of the best in the Industry TBEX( Travel Blog Exchange) you can register here for next conference in Finger Lakes, New York. 

A little about Killarney

Killarney is a beautiful and a vibrant ‘little’ town in Kerry County. It’s widely popular for the incredibly beautiful surrounding countryside which makes Killarney a very special place indeed. Brim full of history, heritage, activities, and world-class hospitality. Oh yes, I was mind blasted as soon as I stepped into this little town. Before visiting, I made some friends who were joining me there and happened to share the hotel with them which was pretty close to where the conference was happening. The hotel we chose was Killarney Riverside Hotel which was a mid-range hotel and was perfect since 3 of us were sharing and walking distance was The Gleneagle Hotel where TBEX was held. It was a 3-day event where most of the day was spent at the conference by changing session rooms and later in the evening was jam-packed pub crawling. I swear to God, I never knew more about pub crawling until then and you bet I was blown away with all the crowd cheering, loud waves of laughter, tap dancing, and Guinness Beer taps, I have a smile while I am writing the name Guinness, ahh, I wish I had one in my hand right now. 

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