You can save a life!

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You can save a life!

Suicides have now become one of the deadliest forms of departing with a beloved one. Recently I lost a beloved junior of mine as he decided to free himself from the cages of this not so pleasant world and rest in the peace of heaven. This compelled me to pen my thoughts about the same. 

Many times it becomes really difficult to understand the signs of depression. You may feel that a person was happy some hours ago, enjoying a party or just had a meal with you but as soon as you depart from him the news of his suicide may blow your mind. On the other hand, sometimes the signs are very clear but it's just your inability to identify the same that you lose the chance to save a crucial part of your life.

First of all be very clear with a fact- Something seeming really trivial for you may be a great deal for the person who gets suicidal thoughts. He hasn't seen the world through your eyes. He hasn't lived your life and has no idea of how big your hardships were. For him whatever he is experiencing seems a herculean task. Sometimes that thought can be silly, really really silly, still, it hangs very deeply over his mind. Thus the first step you have to take is to look the world through his goggles.

If you are behind making him feel the importance of his parents, the responsibility of younger siblings etc. this may not always help. In some cases, it may just accentuate the pool of grief and it all together can explode. In many cases, there is just that one thought going on in his mind which overtakes all these things, that very thought makes the person feel worthless and hopeless. 

Here are some of the signs that can help you to figure out:

1. The person may be threatening suicide again and again.

2. The person may suddenly lose interest in mingling with people and may disconnect himself from social media.

3. Loss of appetite, no response and continuous flow of tears irrespective of the surroundings.

4. Making preparations, doing unexpected stuff and changes in personality.

5. Searching for ways of suicides on the internet and gathering harmful weapons or pills.

What can you do?

1. Avoid leaving the person alone.

2. Avoid hesitating to use specific language, such as asking, “Are you thinking about killing yourself?"

3. Get them a break. Take them to their favorite spot. Open the bag of past memories and refresh their brains.

4. If you are his friend no matter how sensitive the issue be, even if you have a hint about it, TELL HIS FAMILY.

Many times attempting suicides reflect just one thing to the close ones and that is heartbreak, which is not always the issue. Maybe he is being bullied in college. Maybe he is not being able to perform well in his studies. Maybe he is experiencing physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Don't let your thoughts dominate while dealing with such a situation.

Those who are lucky enough are able to survive, others face certain side effects of depression like crying for every small reason that may trigger their heart and the most unfortunate one luckily succeeds in their endeavor, leaving a hole in the lives of their families.

As a parent, sibling or a dear friend, it is your responsibility to take care that no thought penetrates that soul of yours beyond a level. Friends have a greater role according to me in such situations. In various cases, people are more comfortable in sharing stuff with their friends, thus now it becomes the friends' responsibility to take a judicious action and inform the victim's family as soon as possible.

A deep insight, quick action and a bit care of yours can save someone's life and believe me, there is no task nobler than this.




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