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"I don't like you" I cried. "I'm going to vote you out. From my school bag, my compass box and my life" I screamed at my friend, tears welling up my eyes. "COME ON! Let's cycle. Let's see who comes first. Come on, you rascal!". 

From a distance, a few of my friends were aghast for a moment but then begun cheering. Yeah! It was a steep slope. I raced with all might & won. The prize? The friend was fired out of my life. For 10 mins.

BOOM! It's 2018. Elections in India are around the corner with political mudslinging is peaking. Patriotism is being used as a plank - We're from Bharat, Hindustan, India. And the same story above happens like a drudgery over & over again. 

More & more slaves... Err citizens... Citizen votes are being fished for a comfortable seating for next 5 years. Our money is their power. Their power to overpower is rather than empower us.

We vote, they tax us. We don't, they tax us. We die, they tax us. We walk, they tax us. Of course! Of course! The roads remain shoddy, metro lines are never laid & I still have to roll up my car window to a scheming beggar.

We raise a voice and... Tennu gormint ne kar dena ban. 

But is it possible that today, on 'A Wednesday' we could change the milieu of Indian politics forever? As United States of India? As United Citizens of India?

YESSSSS. WE CAN. It takes a good internet connection, 10 minutes of time and a tiny little donut called willingness.

Rather than ousting out a political party in elections & see them coming from the back door, WE... THE SMART Voters can go on to the Election Commission of India website, grievances portal to put in a word DERECOGNIZE a political party. A history of scams could be one SOLID reason. (Your strength comes from Representative of People's Act, 1951 to do this).

The Election commission listens & delists it & those party's assets become national. They can be auctioned/leased which brings revenue to ruling Govt. which in turn can lower tax rates for us. Some political drama will be lost forever but peace of mind will reign awhile.

And for once, you could proudly sit like a boss & say 'You're Fired'.


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