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Tanisha Gupta
Jul 25, 2020

Immunity boosting hand sanitizer :-)

No government will them questions or clarifications but to clear or accept an Ayurvedic medicine, they will ask for thousands of clarifications and proofs. #india #Ayurveda

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Rajmohan K S
Jun 26, 2020

Salutations to the Apporva Vaidya who eliminates the disease which affects the Mind... #ayurveda #bharat

Jun 24, 2020

#Ayurveda Tested & Verified it is printed on the kit. Do Patanjali have the data to prove. Can this kit 100% cure corona without taking allopathy, symntanyiously with it. I doubt ? If not then why it was launched without an permission from regulators.

Shreya Vyas
Jun 23, 2020

If #CORONIL successfully treats #COVID19, then this medicine by #Patanjali will prove to be the biggest leap of #Ayurveda in recent times and will increase the faith of the world in Ayurveda by leaps and bounds. Would like to know others' #opinions?

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