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Sonu Patel
Jul 19, 2020

A life size statue of Buddha was discovered at a construction site in Pakistan but before the archeologists could restore it, local Maulvi ordered to destroy it to pieces. Now who's talking about intolerance?? This is why we need #CAA. #Intolerance

Subha Rao
Mar 25, 2020

The Kabul Attack is a wake up call for all those who are against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Is this not religious persecution? Targeting a particular place of worship!! My heart goes out to the family and friends of the deceased.

#KabulGurdwara #CAA

Rama Lakshmi Anny
Mar 3, 2020

CAA is a MUST. We cannot endlessly be allowing illegal immigrants and ruin our demography. All this brouhaha,that it is anti Muslim,is nothing but cheap political gimmick which will ultimately fly on the face of those politicians #CAA

Cynthia Basumatary
Jan 1, 2020


Assam and other states of North East is opposing CAA not because it doesn't include muslims, but because it gives citizenship rights to illegal immigrants. I think the CAA is a slap on The Assam Accord 1985, Secularism, Fundamental Rights of Indians and Democracy.

Unnati Bakhru
Dec 31, 2019

I oppose #CAA. India is a secular country, the diversity of this country makes it special. Other countries may be dominating their minorities but how will our country be different if we also start differentiating on the basis of religion. This is not the motto of India, every Indian is equal.

Sukriti Saini
Dec 31, 2019

It is appalling to see how government is trying to shift the focus from chronic issues like #poverty, #unemployment and most importantly #rape to #CAB #NRC #CAA. Maybe, just an attempt to divide us as Hindu Muslims again so that #BJP can protect their Hindu vote bank. What do you think?

Dec 30, 2019

I support #NRC, we need to know who are citizens and who isn't.

I support #CAA so humans suffering for being of a different religion from the official state religion and fled here are given a home here as they seek it.

Vikas Mehra
Dec 27, 2019

in present time in india this is a critical condition or a problem , is NRC shoud be apply in india ? what you think about it, i think no .. because this is not perfect time for applying #NRC in country because GDP is down in our country . and imployment rate is very poor .