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Oct 3, 2020

every party is acting for its own benifits be it bjp or congress.

1) congress divided ap in to two parts.

2) bjp passed 22 bills in this pandemic period with out any knowledge to us .

instead watching creepy videos in youtube.people should know what is happening in india.

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Ananya Bhatnagar
Jul 30, 2020

True face Nehru. Cannot believe why people still like and follow #Congress. #CongressMukhtBharat

 Congress, CongressMukhtBharat
Trishla Dasgupta
Jul 26, 2020

What's wrong with the Congress they said? I guess they have given the answer in the pic itself. #Congress #Indianpoltics

 Congress, Indianpoltics

The Congress government in Rajasthan is on the brink just three months after the party lost Madhya Pradesh. The End Nears. Sachin Pilot Is Now Ex Deputy Chief Minister. Who's behind this? #BJP, His own party #Congress or #Gehlot? #SachinPilot #RajasthanPolitics #HorseTrading #PoliticalCrisis

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Dr msv and crew support Rahul Gandhi
#rahulgandhi #congress
Take a look at DrMuhammedShibilyValeed (@ValeedDr): twitter

Dr msv and crew support Rahul Gandhi
#rahulgandhi #congress
Take a look at DrMuhammedShibilyValeed (@ValeedDr):

Arjun Patil
Jun 25, 2020

There are so many people fighting and trending over fuel price high comparing it with #Congress and #BJP government. Don't they know that at the time of Congress, fuel prices were fixed by government whereas, now its completely deregulated and government has no hand in fixing prices? #PetrolPriceHike

Yas Min
Jun 21, 2020

#Congress seems to be lacking focus. They need to pull up their socks if they want to be considered a strong contender with the ruling party and regional parties. They have excellent players. They need to understand the pulse & move fast.

Jun 13, 2020

In the current #Indianpoltics, who is the real culprit of playing with democracy? I mean, #BJP who is blamed to buy MLAs or #Congress and others who are so easy on changing ideology and beliefs and changing parties for money? #HorseTrading

 Indianpoltics, BJP, Congress, HorseTrading
Prateek Saxena
May 14, 2020

The reason #Congress won’t win in any near future is they are clueless and don’t understand the people of #India. In the current scenario, #BJP is the clear winner. Handling of the #CoronaVirus situation has just added the extra points to Modi.