Latest opinions about Covid | Opined

Naveen Roy
Nov 8, 2020

do you think people have evolved during the covid time?
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Darshak Rathod
Aug 7, 2020


when this pandemic will over?
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Manmeet kaur
May 15, 2020

Do you really call this relief package of 20 lakh crore ?? while distributing money in the form of loan in interest rate.. sorry to call it deterimental. 🙄🙄
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Brendon lovatic
Apr 30, 2020

itne salon se hamari prithvi hamara bojh bina koii shikayat ke utha rahi h . ab hamari baari h to hum uska bojh uthane m shikayat kyu kar rhe h #coronavirus #corona #coro #COVID19 #COVID #stayathome #StayHome

 coronavirus, corona, coro, COVID19, COVID, stayathome, StayHome
Manisha gangwani
Apr 9, 2020

nobody is paying attention to the increasing domestic violence at home but people who face can only understand :(
#covid #lockdown

Vikas chauhan
Apr 7, 2020

I think-due #Covid-19 effect, Tenants facing rent problems must b reimbursed by local govt.because their employers are just not supporting them in any way in this crisis
and Landlord as well .After announcement of govt.for landlord ,the truth is opposite at ground level.