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Aadi Shakti
Mar 27, 2020

Those saying we have more pressing issues to focus on eg. #Covid19 than #Rape or #domesticviolence. There is nothing more pressing than the current rate at which women bodies are being violated. We must treat sexual violence as serious as #CoronaVirus if not more. #FightAgainstSexualHarassment #FightAgainstRape

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Kavya Kapoor
Jan 7, 2020

This is undeniably a great news. Death warrant for #nirbhaya convicts.

However, what about so many other cases where girls in India don't get justice bcuse of lack of media attention? When will India become truly safe for Women? #FightAgainstRape

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Trisha jaiswal
Jan 2, 2020

It's sad that with the change of the decade there's no change in thr menatlity of the people who does Rape. Encounter is not the soluttion for all rape cases. It's necessary in india to make the legal sysytem faster and stronger to deal with Rapists and also for parents to educate.

Dec 31, 2019


Tomorrow is to dangerous for women's.
as we all know that now a days rape cases are increase day by day. so I taught that police can't hang the rapest. but the police want to first disable the rapest and then hang.

Reshma Pujar
Dec 6, 2019

The best justice ever heard.. it's the perfect punishment should be punished for culprit's.. #FightAgainstRape

Uma Devi E
Dec 4, 2019

I totally agree to this punishment for rapists #FightAgainstRape

Vipul Gajera
Dec 3, 2019

Shocking and saddening. How many #Nirbhaya will we need to change the mindset of our society? When will our government and jurisdiction take adequate actions? What are the solutions to stop this madness? #womenrights #FightAgainstRape

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