Latest opinions about Hinduism | Opined

Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Aug 21, 2020

one of the best advice on #health policy. What ever the bluffings Nithyanand did in past, this is the gem he rediscovered from #Hinduism .Must watch for #Doctors and Non Doctors

Vats Yogi
Aug 17, 2020

In Bahrain. This is how they behave when they are in majority. and still we are intolerant. #Hinduism #WhyHatred

Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 7, 2020

Famous #Hollywood #movie Matrix's climax used the sloka from #Hindu scripture #Upanishad to describe the creator and purpose.
Read it through subtitles which gives immense depth about #Hinduism.

Neodämmerung with lyrics