Latest opinions about IndianElection2019 | Opined

Vats Yogi
Jun 7, 2019

Really looking forward to some of the promises made by #BJP during #IndianElection2019. I think Modiji must deliver on 1. Ram Mandir building 2. repealing article 370 3. Employement for youth and 4. linking of rivers project. #WhatWeExpect_Modiji

Ramam Tantravahi
Apr 18, 2019

our country needs strong n stable n patriotic govt.Pity is is less.Rural more.This indicates educated are not participating.I suggest citizenship to be cancelled for non voters. #IndianElection2019

Sonu Patel
Mar 29, 2019

Is this really feasible? Or is this just a election promise? What's your opinion on this?