Vats Yogi
Vats Yogi Jun 7, 2019

Really looking forward to some of the promises made by #BJP during #IndianElection2019. I think Modiji must deliver on 1. Ram Mandir building 2. repealing article 370 3. Employement for youth and 4. linking of rivers project. #WhatWeExpect_Modiji

Ramam Tantravahi
Ramam Tantravahi Apr 18, 2019

our country needs strong n stable n patriotic govt.Pity is is less.Rural more.This indicates educated are not participating.I suggest citizenship to be cancelled for non voters. #IndianElection2019

Sonu Patel
Sonu Patel Jan 9, 2019

Be ready for worst if we will have Congress winning next election!!! #IndianElection2019

My opinion about Indian election is that it is always organized in great manner. Elections are free and fair. But as PM suggested all the elections should be conducted at the same time so as administration can work effectively for five year #IndianElection2019

Kapil Vyas
Kapil Vyas Oct 12, 2018

there is much confusion for public to decide, because we have to decide good from evils. But in current situation as per my opinion, there is no such strong personality in India, for whom we think he might be our PM el #IndianElection2019

Hiren Nimavat
Hiren Nimavat Oct 12, 2018

#IndianElection2019 ....I strongly believe that when "Renovation and rehabilitation is going in our home or office we are not comfortable"...that same situation is with our country where transition mode is on....which will create mess.

Hardik Gajera
Hardik Gajera Oct 7, 2018

#NarendraModi has done some great steps in last few years....some of them may not have been resulted in as planned, but something is always better than least he tried. Surely Modi should win. #IndianElection2019