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Subha Rao
Subha Rao
Jun 14, 2021

When a journalist made an attempt to report rape-as-retribution by TMC for voting BJP , he was threatened into silence. A TMC leader told the journalist: “Don’t you ever dare…”So will the SC be now threatened in a similar manner? Will complainants be subjected further misery? #Indianpoltics #BJP #TMC

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Trishla Dasgupta
Trishla Dasgupta
Jul 26, 2020

What's wrong with the Congress they said? I guess they have given the answer in the pic itself. #Congress #Indianpoltics

 Congress, Indianpoltics
Jun 13, 2020

In the current #Indianpoltics, who is the real culprit of playing with democracy? I mean, #BJP who is blamed to buy MLAs or #Congress and others who are so easy on changing ideology and beliefs and changing parties for money? #HorseTrading

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Sanvi Rangarajan
Sanvi Rangarajan
May 28, 2020

साहेब मन की बात कहेंगे
हम जन जन की बात करेंगे
वो अपने दोस्तों की बात सुनेंगे
हम गरीब मजदूरों की बात सुनेंगे
हमनें भी अब ठाना हैं
कुंभकर्णी नींद में सो रही निक्कमी सरकार को जगाना हैं!
#NarendraModi #RahulGandhi #Indianpoltics

Rajika Mathur
Rajika Mathur
May 17, 2020

A Question: What do you think the world leaders (like Trump, Putin, Xiping, Boris) would think about India and its leadership if #RahulGandhi would have been our PM?
#Indianpoltics #India #NarendraModi

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