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Abhijeet Kumar
Abhijeet Kumar
Jul 29, 2021

Will international travel be the same again ever? How it impact the businesses and way of working? #Business #LifeAfterCorona

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May 19, 2020

A few months back, we all were worried about the earth, its environment, various spaces, moon, mars and what not. And now, all we care is saving our own ass. If humans take care of own self without disturbing others, the rest of the things will take care of it on its own. #LifeAfterCorona #EarthReset

Sameer Naik
Sameer Naik
Apr 24, 2020

#LifeAfterCorona.....the poor are been taken care by governments...the rich class have ample to keep them going...but what about the middle income group people,whom should they look that their mistake of been an honest tax payer....

Apr 17, 2020

This #CoronaVirus times may take 3 or 6 months for the world to come back to normal, but will the world be as we knew it?

Will people behave the same way?

Will people be more prepared for such hard times instead of spending on non-essentials?

Will the government be more actively prepared?

Apr 11, 2020

The world will never be the same again after #COVID19.

Every time government said they couldn't find money a program that benefited citizens, a lie.

Every time your manager said your job couldn't be done from home, a lie.

What other lies do you think we will discover? #LockdownExtended #LifeAfterCorona

Apr 11, 2020

First came the #CoronaVirus pandemic.....

Then started the #Stupidity pandemic in #India........

Now, I hope we will not face the #Obesity pandemic.....

#StopOverEating #LifeAfterCorona

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Apr 10, 2020

"The sun is still shining

The moon will glow tonight

The stars are aligning

For everything is alright"

Stay home, stay healthy and everything will be fine. Hopefully sooner than later.
#CoronavirusLockdown #Lockdown21 #LifeAfterCorona

Apr 8, 2020

One day, students in history courses will wonder how things kept getting worse. They'll wonder why we didn't see the warning signs, how we could allow all of this to happen.

We did see. We saw it in slow motion and did almost nothing expect playing stupidity games. #CoronaVirus #LifeAfterCorona

Apr 7, 2020

one of my friends on facebook just said if the cinemas never reopen the last film he saw would be Chhapaak and i realized ‘that’d be a fun game’,
So what would be your last movie in cinema? Mine was Tanhaji....

Apr 1, 2020

No, stock markets are not a moral good in themselves, but the are useful and worth paying attention to if you care about the well-being of humans, now can we please stop with the endless ‘people care about the economy more than human lives’ cascade of posts. #LifeAfterCorona #Economy #sensex

Mar 31, 2020

i would like to point out that sneezing into your elbow and washing your hands (soaping for 20 seconds and rinsing in warm water) is something everyone should be doing all the time as part of basic hygiene and not just when a global pandemic is happening. #CoronaVirus #LifeAfterCorona

Mar 30, 2020

I hope in future when humans will finally build the time travelling machine, they will program it in a way that no one, NO FCKing ONE, can select 2020 in the machine!!!
#CoronaVirus #LifeAfterCorona #Year2020