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Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 8, 2020

Do you remember this fake experts and fake media?
Timely #Lockdown has saved #India from #Corona disaster . Thank you #Modi ji

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Dr Shrikanth Shetty
Jul 6, 2020

Viral load is an important factor in severity of #Corona. That's why authorities have put restrictions to public life so that exposed viral load is less, delays person to person transmission. #Lockdown, containment is to delay the spread until vaccines arrive. Respect the govt rules and be safe.

Indranee Seebun
May 23, 2020

#CoronaVirus started in China. But today, India has 1.5 times more cases than China even after a long #Lockdown across the country, and the number is increasing daiy.
Where did we go wrong?

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Md Salim
May 17, 2020

There are so many talks about how women being at home in lockdown and how men doing Baratan, jadu-pochha and cooking.

But the biggest stress for men at home during this lockdown is to keep the things at it's supposedly right place.... What you thing #CoronavirusLockdown #Lockdown

Asim Khan
May 14, 2020

Is anybody else in that weird state where #Lockdown is a blessing for half of you and your mental state and the other half of you and your mental state is being completely obliterated and destroyed.

Rakesh Patil
May 13, 2020

#socialdistancing and #lockdown are awesome because I get to eat as much garlic and onions as I like and nobody has to suffer from the consequences.

Shushil Sigh
May 11, 2020

48 days of #Lockdown. While this was used to slow down the spread, this could also have been used to prepare like preparing enough #COVID19 medical beds, socking up ventilators and acquiring testing kits. I don't think that this is happening at state or central level. This will force yet another #LockdownExtension

Harleen bhatia
May 9, 2020

After seeing how well ur writing has developed,i know u will do a terrific job with these suggestions i look forward To reading ur next article.##feminism#lockdown#stayhome

May 8, 2020

#lockdown પૂછે કે કેવું રહ્યું શૈક્ષણિક વર્ષ?

તો વાયુથી શરૂ થયેલી સફર
કોરોનાએ આવી અટકી,
વાવાઝોડા થી શરૂ થયેલી સફર,
મહામારીએ આવી અટકી,

મોબાઈલ નો શાળામાં બહિષ્કાર કરતી સફર,
મોબાઈલને જ શાળા બનાવી અટકી,

વિધાર્થીઓના કલરવ સાથે શરૂ થતી સફર,
વિધાર્થીઓના કલરવ વિના જ અટકી

Rakesh Gowtham
May 7, 2020

People say that everyone in the world is here for a purpose. I fail to understand what purpose I am serving sitting idle in the house? Or is it just the #lockdown thoughts taking it's tall? Any thoughts from anyone else? #Lockdown3 #Lockdown2 #CoronavirusLockdown #LockdownExtended