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Jan 6, 2020

I support #NRC , because we need to know who are indians and who isn't. Citizen of aasam claims that bangladeshi are living in india without any indian citizen proof and they are involved in criminal activities. Therefore, it is very important to identify such people.

Umesh jatab
Jan 6, 2020

nowadays government try too shift the focus from the chronic issue like #poverty #unemployement #gdp with #cab and #nrc and try to manipulate people by doing there cheap tactics and this show a worst result for future generations

Sukriti Saini
Dec 31, 2019

It is appalling to see how government is trying to shift the focus from chronic issues like #poverty, #unemployment and most importantly #rape to #CAB #NRC #CAA. Maybe, just an attempt to divide us as Hindu Muslims again so that #BJP can protect their Hindu vote bank. What do you think?

Dec 30, 2019

I support #NRC, we need to know who are citizens and who isn't.

I support #CAA so humans suffering for being of a different religion from the official state religion and fled here are given a home here as they seek it.

Birjees Aamira
Dec 30, 2019

Im against the #cab and #nrc as it violates the rules of constitution and divides in basis of religion and also questions the existence of people currently living in India. #indiansagainstcab

Vikas Mehra
Dec 27, 2019

in present time in india this is a critical condition or a problem , is NRC shoud be apply in india ? what you think about it, i think no .. because this is not perfect time for applying #NRC in country because GDP is down in our country . and imployment rate is very poor .

Dec 26, 2019

hello guys here is mskhariq
the matter of nrc and cab what you think about this case.... tell me your opinion?? #cab #nrc

 cab, nrc
Neha Ansri
Dec 22, 2019

#CAA is Okk but #NRC it's not correct time to implement NRC in whole country when #GDP is down..poore NRC ko krne m kitna pesa lgega? First focus on economy and than implement the NRC in country #youropinionmatterstoo