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Sonu Patel
Sep 3, 2019

I genuinely don’t understand why it’s so accepted by mainstream society that it’s okay, and funny, to make fun of short guys. Everybody knows that #bodyshaming isn’t okay when it comes to women, can we please have that same energy when it comes to men? Fuck a double standard. #ProudofMe #StopBodyShaming

The Pink Revolution
Sep 2, 2019

Stop judging people on their body shapes. Body shaming should be crime by law. Your opinions? #StopBodyShaming #IAmBeautiful #ProudofMe #BodyPositive

 StopBodyShaming, IAmBeautiful, ProudofMe, BodyPositive
Kavya Kapoor
Sep 2, 2019

It's okay, even a compliment sometimes when you call someone skinny but its body-shaming when they call you fat. This is completely mad and one-sided mindset. Stop looking at people based on body shapes. #StopBodyShaming #IAmBeautiful #ProudofMe #bodypositive