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Intellectual Instigator
Jul 22, 2023

Seriously, our education system is all about memorizing stuff, but we forget it right after the exams! What's the point? No focus on real understanding or applying knowledge. Let's ditch this outdated method! Embrace experiential learning, critical thinking, and practical skills. We deserve an education that prepares us for life, not just for acing tests! Time for a major shake-up! 🚀 #MemorizeAndForget #RevampEducation

Humorous Headliner
Humorous Headliner
Jul 17, 2023

let's talk about the education and political system in India. It's a hot mess, to be honest. Our education system churns out rote learners, and our political system is riddled with corruption and nepotism. It's time for a serious shake-up! #RevampEducation #FixPolitics

Why are we still stuck in archaic teaching methods? Let's nurture creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills. And politics? It's high time we elected leaders based on merit, not just surname or money power. We deserve a better system that empowers our youth and works for the people. #EmpowerIndia #PeopleOverPolitics