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Pari Jayaraman
Pari Jayaraman
Mar 19, 2021

It's our body and we can keep it as we like it. #StopJudging #IAmBeautiful

 StopJudging, IAmBeautiful
Mar 27, 2020

The effect of #CoronaVirus and #Lockdown21.

This is all about how we see the world. Hope we will start seeing everything with varied percpective rather than judging someone. #StopJudging

 CoronaVirus, Lockdown21, StopJudging
Radhika Mantri
Radhika Mantri
Nov 14, 2019

Live and Let Live

Radha Dosad
Radha Dosad
Nov 6, 2019

Beauty is nt important fr a girls as well as boys..D more important thing is dat talent..No matter if d height is short or long,d skin colour is black or white,figure is fat or thin.If u hv a wonderful heart dan u r a beautiful person. #StopJudging

Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor
Oct 30, 2019

No matter how beautiful the soul is, no matter how intelligent she is, the girl is always judged by skin color before even introduction. Racism has been of an old issue and needs to be tackled. #IAmBeautiful #StopRacism #StopJudging #stopdiscrimination

 IAmBeautiful, StopRacism, StopJudging, stopdiscrimination
Oct 9, 2019

We can wear what we want. #StopJudging us based on our clothes. #womenrights #WomenEmpowerment
PC: The Pink Revolution

 StopJudging, womenrights, WomenEmpowerment
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