Latest opinions about Domesticviolence | Opined

Charvi Powar
May 30, 2020

Isn't this disturbing? Have we got so occupied with the current #CoronaVirus situation that we forget to even think about the side effects of the lockdown and its implication on the mental health of people? #domesticviolence #WomenSafety #womenrights

 CoronaVirus, domesticviolence, WomenSafety, womenrights
Shikha Mishra
Apr 15, 2020

Behind close doors, the biggest viruses are masked. After the #Lockdown, #domesticviolence and #childabuse have reportedly increased. HOW CAN WE FIGHT THIS? #CoronaVirus

 Lockdown, domesticviolence, childabuse, CoronaVirus
Aadi Shakti
Mar 27, 2020

Those saying we have more pressing issues to focus on eg. #Covid19 than #Rape or #domesticviolence. There is nothing more pressing than the current rate at which women bodies are being violated. We must treat sexual violence as serious as #CoronaVirus if not more. #FightAgainstSexualHarassment #FightAgainstRape

 Covid19, Rape, domesticviolence, CoronaVirus, FightAgainstSexualHarassment, FightAgainstRape
Amelia Thomas
Sep 3, 2019

Imagine a pyramid. At the apex of it, is rape, #domesticviolence & #femicide. At the base of it are conversations like “your women shouldn’t earn more money than you”. These issues are all interlinked & build upon each other. We cannot make a difference until the time we do not raise our voice.