Ibtesam Rahman
Ibtesam Rahman Nov 1, 2019

Do you think the education system in India is good? Or is there a need for a noticeable change for the betterment of the society?
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Varsha Gupta
Varsha Gupta Jun 11, 2019

Education is not just about scoring good marks or getting a good job but it's much more than that. Degree does not matter when you go out and behave in an abrupt way, fight on a road like an illiterate or show your immaturity in public. #Education

Mk Dec 27, 2018

Education is the most important and powerful weapon to change any system or society , but nowadays poeple are running behind Grades or Marks , they don't understand the importance of education and it's features . #Education

In my opinion, the education system needs an overall. Lets us throw outdated system and bring new that benefits thousands of student who can be employed after completing their education #Education

Mohd Rizwan
Mohd Rizwan Nov 29, 2018

75% of the country’s population are youngsters. Indian education system is good enough to produce a valuable and well knowledgeable personalities; but now a days the system get collapsed due to commercialization and improper channelization. #Education

Rahid Bashir
Rahid Bashir Nov 16, 2018

The State education system is of low standard as compared to Center. The textbooks that the state distributes in schools are not updated from years. The syllabus is redundant and not able to make them (students) of competitive nature. #Education

Mahesh Kumar Dey
Mahesh Kumar Dey Nov 10, 2018

Education is the main goal of all human beings. We build our future career on the basis of our education.  Our parents and teachers at different stages beginning from the childhood guide us to get proper education and success in life. #Education

Monisha Rastogi
Monisha Rastogi Nov 5, 2018

Education is what distinguishes a man from a beast.
It's not just about accumulating degrees and adding glitter to your CV, there's more to it.Its about remaining humble, it's about being emphathetic and it is not stooping to savagery. #Education