Latest opinions about Feminism | Opined

Harleen bhatia
May 9, 2020

After seeing how well ur writing has developed,i know u will do a terrific job with these suggestions i look forward To reading ur next article.##feminism#lockdown#stayhome

Poonam Rathore
May 5, 2020

I know fulfilment isn’t (entirely) about material possessions but nothing feels better than looking around and realizing every expensive thing I own I paid for myself. I love owning and earning my own stuff. I think this is true #WomenEmpowerment and #feminism.

Sangeeta Kandawel
Apr 20, 2020

Have just been accused of being against #feminism because I want to be a housewife for a few years while I study, write and support my husband in every way and raise my family. Am I really setting women back? Isn't feminism about having the choice to do whatever you want?

Heena Khan
Apr 20, 2020

I don’t know which woman needs to hear this but you can have hairy legs, not wear makeup, and still wear dresses and love pink and cutesy things. The two are not mutually exclusive. #WomenEmpowerment #womensequality #feminism #feminist

Subha Rao
Apr 17, 2020

Four More Shots Please 2 is out. Is this real #feminism spreading awareness about #WomenEmpowerment and #womenrights? Or is it just selling their program using #sex and #Womenskin?

 feminism, WomenEmpowerment, womenrights, sex, Womenskin
Neha Here
Mar 31, 2020

Women do not have to:
-Be thin
-Cook for you
-Have long hair
-Be Feminine
-Be graceful
-Be fashionable
-Wear pink
-Have sex with you

We can make our own choices. #feminism #WomenEmpowerment #womenrights

Silent Words
Mar 30, 2020

My colleague saw my travel photo on my lock screen and said "my boyfriend would never let me wear something like that".
I said "well insecurity and domination are not the qualities I look for in a man".
Now she is not talking to me.
#womenrights #feminism

Akash Agrawal
Mar 30, 2020

menstrual hygiene, not feminine hygiene
they, not he or she, he/she, (s)he etc
different gender, not opposite gender
what pronouns do you prefer?, not so what are you?
this is my friends, not this is my friends, they're transgender
#GenderEquality #menstruation #feminism

Aalia Noor
Mar 29, 2020

Pretty much every time I hear a dude saying to a woman "doesn't have a sense of humour" or "can't take a joke", I assume it means he harassed her and she didn't laugh. I have never been wrong about it.
#Equality #womenrights #StopHarassement #feminism