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Gazala Raies
Gazala Raies
Jul 28, 2023

Hey, the power lies with the people! It's time to unite and fight corruption head-on. Let's be real; we must demand responsible governance that serves the people, not self-interests. Together, we can build a nation of trust and progress. #EmpoweringThePeople #FightAgainstCorruption

Chinthakuntla Bhargavi
Chinthakuntla Bhargavi
Jul 8, 2021

Every individual should be aware of their health rights. To respond effectively to current pandemic and future health threats, fighting against corruption is very essential.

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Vats Yogi
Vats Yogi
Oct 11, 2019

Modiji's fight against corruption is real. Swiss bank shares 75 Indians holding black money in Swiss accounts. Modi hey toh mumkin hey. #NarendraModi #BJP #FightAgainstCorruption

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