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Well one of the leading problem in India is its biased education system. I strongly believe people are laid back because of there lack of interest in the stereotype field.
Still now people pursue certain subjects which they don't like and eventually failure is the out come

Suman Chakraborty
Dec 25, 2019

The current situation in the country is at a very bad stage, this could go either way. We are financially drowning. Not sure how our govt. is thinking to revive the country now. #indiansociety #india

Bandana Paul
Nov 6, 2019

My opinion about the Chatt Puja Incident taking place in Kolkata. Let me know your thoughts.
#thought #religion #india #malpractices

Vats Yogi
Aug 31, 2019

#NarendraModi has done many initiatives to make #india green. Now people also need to understand their role and stop littering. #Climatechange

Vats Yogi
Aug 26, 2019

#ArundhatiRoy says Indians use Forces on their own people while Pakistanis don’t. How come these so-called literates gives these public opinions without checking facts? Is she completely against #BJP or #india? Stupid attention seekers.