Latest opinions about Poverty | Opined

Manik Prasher
Jun 22, 2020

People aren’t stuck in poverty because they’re dumb. Like I know it’s a really hard pill to swallow but no one is poverty-stricken because they deserve it. No one is poverty-stricken because they placed themselves there. No one is poverty-stricken out of choice. #poverty

Umesh jatab
Jan 6, 2020

nowadays government try too shift the focus from the chronic issue like #poverty #unemployement #gdp with #cab and #nrc and try to manipulate people by doing there cheap tactics and this show a worst result for future generations

Sukriti Saini
Dec 31, 2019

It is appalling to see how government is trying to shift the focus from chronic issues like #poverty, #unemployment and most importantly #rape to #CAB #NRC #CAA. Maybe, just an attempt to divide us as Hindu Muslims again so that #BJP can protect their Hindu vote bank. What do you think?