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Parakram Nair
Aug 5, 2020

What's wrong with people in India and especially Hindus? On this special day, all we see on Twitter is this? Now I am convinced that #Twitter has been taken over by fake secular and Hinduphobics #JaiShriRam #rammandirinayodhya

Smiley Kapoor
Aug 5, 2020

Today is a day which will echo in the pages of history forever. Today, there is a new beginning. I would love to know others' opinions on this. #rammandirinayodhya #rammandirinayodhya
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Jai Shree Ram

 rammandirinayodhya, rammandirinayodhya
Jul 29, 2020

ये #rammandirinayodhya हमे खैरात में नही मिला, हमने लड़ कर प्राप्त किया है
#RamMandir पर सेकुलरिज्म का खेल बंद होना चाहिए
और हा प्रभु श्रीराम हमारे मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम श्रीरामचंद्र है कोई इमामे हिंद नहीं
आपकी राय 1- सहमत या 2- असेहमत

Navdeep Singh
Nov 20, 2018

Ram Mandir.
I wonder why is there such a lot of noise and controversy about this. As everyone agrees - there was a Temple at that site commemorating it as the birth-place of King Ram. Free India and Indians should build it again! Simple. #rammandirinayodhya

Aniket Chaubey
Sep 5, 2018

As per my view ram Mandir should be constructed on lord ram's birthplace it has been very long time since we are waiting for it court should declare it's decision as early as possible #rammandirinayodhya