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Krishnamurty Worah
Krishnamurty Worah
Aug 13, 2019

I haven't got a good story so far. There is a huge chasm between what is presented in social media and reality.
Consider freelance writing : Most projects start of sketchily , meaning the flow of projects is very sluggish. #RespectTheFreelancers

Jul 24, 2019

Yes, those who love to be their own boss selects freelancing. But freelancers are considered equivalent to jobless people by most. Freelance experiences are not counted by corporate people. #RespectTheFreelancers

🌟Rishikesh Lokapure🌟
🌟Rishikesh Lokapure🌟
Jul 23, 2019

I totally get your point Hardik, but when was the last time any boss or an entrepreneur was asked for his/her work experience? It is only the people who choose to follow need to prove their worth. Freelancers are solopreneurs, not followers #RespectTheFreelancers

Hardik  Lashkari
Hardik Lashkari
Jul 4, 2019

A hustler is someone who deceives people to get money, whereas freelancers provide quality deliverables in return for the money charged.

So, think before saying Freelancers "Side-Hustlers". #RespectTheFreelancers