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Sonam C
May 13, 2020

There are 1000 people out there, ready to bring you done. Don't let yourself be the 1001st. Be your biggest fan.
#selflove #selfworth #motivation #inspiration

Sonam C
May 12, 2020

When we forgive someone, we do it to free ourselves and lighten our emotional baggage, and not because we condone someone's bad behaviour. So, choose consciously to let go of past grudges so that new joys can enter your life. Are you with me? #forgiveness #selflove #innerpeace

 forgiveness, selflove, innerpeace
Brendon lovatic
May 1, 2020

no need for promotion reqst . . tell me you don't have potential to doing yourself own #selflove #attitude

Nitin Sharma
Sep 20, 2018

I didn't liked much though but ,"pen is pal", this seems to be interesting. Keep growing.