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Himanshu Dubey
Jul 2, 2020

A step toward making India Aatma Nirbhar.

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An Indian social media platform for your opinions. Now share your opinions without biases, trolls or fear of getting #socialMedia

Rushikesh Patil
Dec 31, 2019

Social media addiction is one of the raging problems of youth. It is affecting the social, physical and mental health of people. they are becoming depressed, stressed and socially isolated for no reasons. Here I share a simple solution of disconnect yourself. #socialmedia #smartphoneaddiction

Rakesh Ranjan Pathak
Dec 13, 2018

Now-a-days, Indian social media is replete with religious and emotive posts. And the readers who select the favorable ones as per their own choice, are ready to accept it without verification. Bigotry and chauvinism are shared unwarranted. #socialMedia