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Harleen bhatia
May 9, 2020

After seeing how well ur writing has developed,i know u will do a terrific job with these suggestions i look forward To reading ur next article.##feminism#lockdown#stayhome

Brendon lovatic
Apr 30, 2020

itne salon se hamari prithvi hamara bojh bina koii shikayat ke utha rahi h . ab hamari baari h to hum uska bojh uthane m shikayat kyu kar rhe h #coronavirus #corona #coro #COVID19 #COVID #stayathome #StayHome

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Ahmed Sharif
Apr 15, 2020

A sign that every person needs to have. Staying home is for staying safe. Obesity and weight gain is also not safe. #LockdownExtended #CoronavirusLockdown #stayhome

 LockdownExtended, CoronavirusLockdown, stayhome
Aalia Noor
Apr 13, 2020

...but honestly, nothing has made us spend more time with our loved ones but this quarantine— either it's physically or technologically. 💙

There is something good in everything. #stayhome #LockdownExtended #indialockdown #Lockdown21 #CoronavirusLockdown

Sudhir Chaudhary
Apr 13, 2020

We are all in this together. If one goes off, we will all go down.
#stayhome #CoronavirusLockdown #LockdownExtended

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Akash Agrawal
Apr 8, 2020

We always thought the heroes of the apocalypse would be macho fighters with guns but turns out there's more heroism in baking, cooking, reading, knitting, sitting still.

Maybe it's time we started celebrating real heroism.

#stayhome #CoronavirusLockdown

Apr 6, 2020

"The welfare of each of us is dependent fundamentally upon the welfare of all of us." .. (quote Theodore Roosevelt)

Lets everyone of us work together. #CoronaVirus #stayhome

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Prateek Saxena
Apr 5, 2020

Let’s be productive. Stay home, read a book!

#CoronavirusLockdown #stayhome

 CoronavirusLockdown, stayhome
Apr 4, 2020

You don't need to come out of this a stronger and better person.

You don't need to have learned a new skill or taken up a new hobby

You don't have to have your routine and sleep schedule perfected and your house spotless

You just have to get through this.

#CoronavirusLockdown #CoronaVirus #stayhome