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Surabhi Gupta
Surabhi Gupta
Sep 8, 2021

#women to be inducted in National Defence Academy. Historic moment for Indian women. #WomenEmpowerment

Comeback Minimalist
Comeback Minimalist
May 5, 2020

My Mother #SheIsStrong #women .Young: working,2 kids and husband away, fought all the odds and fulfilled all responsibilities bravely and lovingly. Middle age: Diagnosed as Diabetic, took charge of health and managing it from 17 years.As Empty Nester: Kept herself busy and motivated. Always grateful

 SheIsStrong, women
Aman Goutam
Aman Goutam
Feb 19, 2020

Ab inka kya karen?
Now, It is good to sleep with ghee in your ear
#women #womensequality

 women, womensequality
Ankita Chakraborty
Ankita Chakraborty
Nov 12, 2019

Are women really safe ? #women #safety

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