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Vipul Gajera
Vipul Gajera Dec 3, 2019

Shocking and saddening. How many #Nirbhaya will we need to change the mindset of our society? When will our government and jurisdiction take adequate actions? What are the solutions to stop this madness? #womenrights #FightAgainstRape

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Hrushikesh Desai
Hrushikesh Desai Nov 30, 2019

That rapist should be burn like the victim..That is the only punishment they deserve for this shameful act. #womenrights

Bhanu Nov 11, 2019

Sony Entertainment is going to drop Anu Malik again but the fact is that they hired him hoping that people will forget. This depravity is what u promote & encourage in a country where women already hold the shorter end of the stick in all regards. #FightAgainstSexualHarassment #womenrights #StopSexism

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Amelia Thomas
Amelia Thomas Nov 9, 2019

Several companies in Japan have "banned" eyewear for female employees. Really???
First makeup 💄
Then heels 👠
Now glasses 👓

What's next?? #StopSexism #StopRacism #womenrights #womensequality

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Bikram singh gill
Bikram singh gill Oct 23, 2019

सरकार कानून बनाती है हमारी हिफाजत के लिए पर हम में से कुश लोग इसको ही अपना हथियार बना लेते हैं जैसे आज कल कुश म्हलायें दहेज पर बने कानून का गलत उपयोग करती हैं, कुश म्हलायें तो बलात्कार और छेड़छाड़ जैसे कानून का भी गलत इस्तेमाल करती हैं। #womenrights

Bhanu Oct 9, 2019

We can wear what we want. #StopJudging us based on our clothes. #womenrights #WomenEmpowerment
PC: The Pink Revolution

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Kavya Kapoor
Kavya Kapoor Sep 24, 2019

Really fed up with these kinds of brutal events 😢

When do we see this country safer for women?

They have tears, heart and most importantly pain!

#womenrights #WomenEmpowerment

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Bhanu Sep 24, 2019

Great Job!! Our Indian Television doing a great job towards #WomenEmpowerment, #GenderEquality and #womenrights. After all, all women as "Maal", Isn't it? Where is the responsible television working towards a society's betterment?

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